Event Loo Hire

Our Event toilets are all green and have obviously a loo a loo roll holder and a hand sanitiser unit all of which will be stocked on delivery.

The loos are all green with grey doors so they don’t stand out so much in our beautiful surroundings and are all replaced every 5 years so you will not be hiring an ex building site loo.

The loos measure 1.2m by 1.2m and we can get them almost anywhere.

The normal ratio for an 8 to 10 hour event is 1 loo to 80 people obviously campsite and longer events require more.

Accessible Loos

Accessible loos are much larger with a wider door and room to manoeuvre for less able guests or those who maybe using wheelchair.

These units are 2m square but require a level area and plenty of space in front of them for the door to open.

Urinal Loos

For larger events our tunnel urinals will cope with up to 6 people at once and reduce queues at larger or more drink related event where gentlemen guests may be inclined to need a wee more often.

These loos are approximately 2m by 2m and are accessed from either end.

We used David and his team for our amazing wedding last summer, the location was beautiful but hard to access. 

We met David for a site visit and from then on everything down to the music playing from the toilets was handled for us. If only everything to do with a wedding was so easy.

Thank you it was perfect”