Event Loo Hire

Event Toilet hire is a huge part of our business and we cater for every size of event from 200 toilets at a charity walk right down to a single toilet for the local church garden party.

Standard Event Loo

Our Event toilets are all green and have obviously a loo a loo roll holder and a hand sanitiser unit all of which will be stocked on delivery.

The loos measure 1.2m by 1.2m and we can get them almost anywhere.

The normal ratio for an 8 to 10 hour event is 1 loo to 80 people obviously campsites and longer events require more.

Accessible Loos

Accessible loos are much larger with a wider door and room to manoeuvre for less able guests or those who maybe using wheelchair.

These units are 2m square but require a level area and plenty of space in front of them for the door to open.

Urinal Loos

For larger events our tunnel urinals will cope with up to 6 people at once and reduce queues at larger or more drink related events where gentlemen guests may be inclined to need a wee more often.

These loos are approximately 2m by 2m and are accessed from either end.