Luxury Loo Hire

All our Luxury Toilet trailers are top specification with Led lighting warm water and modern light interiors, they do not have televisions or music systems in them on account of them being loo trailers not night clubs.

The larger units require a connection to mains electric/ generator and in a perfect world the ability to top up water just from a hose, but this is not essential as the loos have there own supply of water.

3 plus 1 Luxury loo

This is the largest toilet we hire out and can cope with a function of up to 250 guests for an 8/10hr period without the need for servicing.

The unit consists of 3 ladies loos with a double sink vanity area and 1 gents loo 2 gents urinals and a double sink vanity area.

The unit is 7.5m long including the hitch and 2.5m wide plus the steps which require another 1.5m. its weight for bridges lawns etc is 3500kg and its height is 3.5m for clearance.

4 door Luxury loo.

The 4 door unit consists of 4 individual cubicles which can be configured in any way you choose ladies gents children etc.

Each cubicle has a loo a sink and a mirror along with bin and hand towels. This modern unit flushes with fresh water a bit like a train or airplane so doesn’t use any blue chemicals and is virtually odour free.

Aimed for numbers of up to 180 guests for a period of 8/10 hrs without servicing.

This unit is 6m long including the hitch and 2m wide plus the steps which require another 1.5m. Its weight as other etc.

1 plus 1 Luxury loo

The 1 plus 1 is our smallest luxury loo and can cope with up to 80/100 guests for a 8/10 hr period, this unit simply has 2 cubicles each with loo sink, mirror and bin.

This can work on battery alone if needed for a remote location.

Its width is only 2m and length only 4.5m and as its on a single axle chassis can be got to most places

We used David and his team for our amazing wedding last summer, the location was beautiful but hard to access. 

We met David for a site visit and from then on everything down to the music playing from the toilets was handled for us. If only everything to do with a wedding was so easy.

Thank you it was perfect”