Portable Toilet & Welfare Cabin Hire in Penrith

Are you looking for a dependable and affordable portable toilet hire company who can provide their services in Penrith? Look no further than Northern & Lakes Loos. We offer a huge range of event, construction, and outdoor portable toilet hire services with no hidden costs – the price you agree upon is the price you pay. Our services include delivery, provision of toilet rolls and hand sanitiser, servicing (where required), and removal of the portable loos at the end of your booking period.

Construction Site Portable Toilets in Penrith

A quality portable toilet & outdoor sanitation solutions service for the construction industries working in Penrith

If you’re in the construction industry, you know how difficult it can be to find portable toilets for your work site. That’s why Northern & Lakes Loos is here to help. With only a minimum of a 2 week contract, we can have your portable toilet with you by next-day delivery. We provide quality service so that you can get to business as soon as possible.

Our price will include full servicing of your loo at regular intervals, which will be dependant on the length of the project and how many workers are expected on site, regularly.  We also provide on-site toilet roll and hand sanitiser, ensuring that all safety protocols are met as well as removal of all portable toilets and other sanitation units or services when the job is done.

Whether you’re based in Penrith or further afield, Northern & Lakes Loos can make sure your construction and building team has access to clean and comfortable portable toilets and/or welfare cabins for your employees’ convenience.

If you have your own welfare cabin or unit we can service this as regularly as you like. Just email call or text us today and we will get you included in our servicing run.


Construction Site Plastic Portable Toilets Available in Penrith

For any construction site in Penrith, portable toilet hire is an essential requirement. Portable plastic toilets are the most commonly used solution for construction sites, providing a safe and hygienic way of taking care of the needs of workers on site. The toilets come with all the necessary fittings including toilet roll, hand wash basin and soap dispenser, as well as a regular servicing schedule (usually weekly, unless otherwise stated).

using portable plastic toilet hire services for your construction site ensures that you won’t have to worry about organizing additional facilities on your construction site. With their robust design and quick installation process they can be ready to use in no time at all – allowing you to get back to work quickly without having to divert resources away from more pressing tasks. They also provide extra peace of mind by ensuring that your workforce have access to adequate sanitary facilities throughout the duration of your project.

The units are 1.2m square and we need to be able to get within 5 metres of them with a transit-sized vehicle to service them.

We do also run a Hilux pump vehicle for really inaccessible sites.

Welfare Cabin hire for construction sites in Penrith

Are you looking for a reliable welfare cabin hire in Penrith? Our quality welfare cabins can provide your builders and contractors with a suitable dry space area to meet their needs.

Our welfare cabins come with all the necessary amenities, including a canteen area for up to six people, a kettle, microwave, and sink, as well as lighting and a window for natural light. Additionally, the welfare cabin comes with a toilets room and there is also a built-in diesel generator, as well as an area, above the generator, for drying off wet clothes. 

This towable, close to the ground, steel made welfare cabin almost offers step-free access making it extremely suitable for construction sites. The robust steel construction ensures security and makes it capable of handling any building site. It is an ideal solution if you need a dependable and practical place to store materials or house your workers safely during a big project.

What’s more, our welfare cabins are serviced on a weekly basis to ensure that they remain in good condition at all times, however, please note that diesel is not provided and is the responsibility of the hirer.

The dimensions of. welfare cabin are 4.9m long with the drawbar and 2.3m wide. Space for the welfare cabin will require an additional metre on the side and the rear for access.

Hotwash Building Site loos in Penrith

For construction sites in Penrith, having adequate and appropriate facilities is essential for workers to do their job safely and efficiently. Hotwash Building Site Loos is an alternative to a welfare cabin and can provide a simple solution to these needs, delivering robust and easy-to-manage toilet facilities

These toilets are made from tough plastic, with an integral hand wash basin complete with a soap dispenser. They are 1.2m square in size and need just 5 metres of access space in order to be serviced by our transit vehicle provided by Northern & Lakes Loos Loos. We do also run a Hilux pump vehicle for really inaccessible sites.

We usually service these portable loos weekly unless a different arrangement is made.

The hot wash sink will require a constant 240v supply via a 16amp caravan blue socket.

Event Loo Hire in Penrith

Whatever size event you are running, from a small pub gathering to a full-on rock concert, Northern Loos can provide portable toilets for your event in Penrith or any part of the north of England. Event Toilet hire is a huge part of our business and we cater for every size of event. So whether you need 200 Portable Toilets at a charity walk right down to a single Portable Loo for the local church garden party, Northern Loos has got your Event Loo Hire covered.

Standard Event Loo Hire in Penrith

Organising an event can be a daunting task, especially in the Cumbrian Lakes, and one of the key elements to consider is getting adequate toilet provision. Toilet hire for any sized event or festivals has become increasingly popular in the Lakes recently as more people are enjoying the outdoor element of these events. Using Portable Loo hire allows event organisers to provide adequate facilities for their guests with minimal fuss and reduces the stress of constant toilet management as we do the hard part for you.

At Northern & Lakes Loos, we provide high-quality portable toilets that are perfect for festivals and events, small or large! Our toilets come fully equipped with hand sanitiser, and toilet roll and have a 1.2m squared base so plenty of room inside. We have the skills to reach almost anywhere in the Cumbrian Lakes so if you need a portable Loo, then Northern Loos are the business to ask.

We recommend one loo per 80 people at an 8-10 hour event which will ensure all your guests remain comfortable throughout the day. Planning a full weekend? Then you will be best getting in touch with us about hygiene standards and certain guidelines you may have to meet.

Once it’s agreed on how many portable loos you need, we’ll handle everything else. From delivery to collection including servicing if needed; so you don’t have to worry about a thing – just sit back and enjoy your event safe in the knowledge that everyone has access to clean, hygienic facilities!

Accessible Loo Hire in Penrith

Having accessible toilet facilities at your event in Penrith is essential for the comfort and convenience of your guests. To ensure everyone can access the necessary amenities, event organisers should consider hiring toilets that are wheelchair friendly. Northern & Lakes Loos can provide accessible Portable toilet hire with a range of options to suit all budgets and events.

Not only do our accessible portable toilets provide an easy solution for those with limited mobility, they also come supplied with toilet roll and hand sanitiser so you don’t have to worry about stocking up ahead of time. Our easy-access portable toilet models are 2m square and require a similar amount of space in front of them for guests in wheelchairs or scooters to manoeuvre around comfortably. This requirement should be taken into consideration when planning the layout of your event space.

Organisers looking to run events in Penrith should research their portable toilet hire options carefully. Give us a call if needed as we can help.

Portable Urinal Loo Hire in Penrith

Portable tunnel urinals are an ideal solution for event toilet hire, particularly for more drinking-related events that may be going on in Penrith. Men who just can’t wait to relieve themselves need not look any further – these 2m square tunnels, accessed from both ends, provide plenty of space and privacy in which to do their business. Whether you’re hosting a pub day event or a large-scale festival event, these portable urinals are the perfect solution for providing your guests with ample, quick relief, bathroom facilities.

The unique design of these urinals means they can fit into small spaces and still provide plenty of room inside the tunnel for men to do their number ones, up to 6 people at a time. The hardwearing material used in construction is also designed to withstand all manner of weather conditions – so even if there’s wind or rain on the day of your event, your guests will be able to use them with peace of mind.

Luxury Loo Hire in Penrith

When it comes to luxury toilet hire in Penrith, no one does it better than Northern & Lakes Loos. Our range of luxury portable loo trailers have all the features that you’d expect from a high-calibre portable toilet – LED lights, hot running water, and more.

What makes us stand out from other luxury toilet hire companies in Penrith is our commitment to ensuring your guests are comfortable throughout their experience. From the moment they enter their private cubicle, guests can enjoy all the luxuries of indoor toilets with hot running water and flushable toilets allowing your guests to poo in total comfort, almost forgetting they are in an outside portable loo! The only thing that could make these toilets better is maybe a TV or live DJ, but they are not here to provide entertainment.

Should you be interested in our larger units then these will require a connection to mains electricity/a generator and in a perfect world the ability to top up water just from a hose, depending on the length of time they are needed but this is not essential as the loos have their own supply of water.

Portable Loo Hire, welfare cabins, luxury toilets in Penrith

3 plus 1 Luxury Loo Hire in Penrith

This is the largest toilet we hire out and can cope with a function of up to 250 guests for an 8/10hr period without the need for servicing.

The unit consists of 3 ladies loos with a double sink vanity area and 1 gents loo 2 gents urinals and a double sink vanity area.

The unit is 7.5m long including the hitch and 2.5m wide plus the steps which require another 1.5m. Its weight for bridges, lawns, etc is 3500kg and its height is 3.5m for clearance.

4 door Luxury Loo Hire in Penrith.

The 4 door unit consists of 4 individual cubicles which can be configured in any way you choose ladies, gents, children, etc.

Each cubicle has a loo, a sink and a mirror along with bin and hand towels. This modern unit flushes with fresh water a bit like a train or airplane so doesn’t use any blue chemicals and is virtually odour free.

Aimed for numbers of up to 180 guests for a period of 8/10 hrs without servicing.

This unit is 6m long including the hitch and 2m wide plus the steps which require another 1.5m. Its weight for bridges lawns etc is 3500kg and its height is 3.5m for clearance.

1 plus 1 Luxury Loo Hire in Penrith

The 1 plus 1 is our smallest luxury loo and can cope with up to 80/100 guests for a 8/10 hr period, this unit simply has 2 cubicles each with loo sink, mirror and bin.

This can work on battery alone if needed for a remote location.

Its width is only 2m and length only 4.5m and as its on a single axle chassis so can be got to most places within the Cumbrian Lakes.

We used David and his team for our amazing wedding last summer, the location was beautiful but hard to access. 

We met David for a site visit and from then on everything was handled for us. If only everything to do with a wedding was so easy.

Thank you it was perfect”


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