Products and Hires


We have a whole range of these from 1 plus 1 small very mobile units to large 3 plus 1 units.

All our honey wagons come with either battery-powered or silent running generators.

Each individual Honey Wagon comes with a separate generator.

We are proud to provide our customers with modern honey wagons which are clean, bright and eco-friendly.


Our Tower lights are road towable diesel Powered LED lights and we can offer a refuelling service for these.

Our Lighting Towers offer directional, clear and crisp lighting for all location shoot needs.


With the lakes being the wettest place in Britain we can build you trackpads or roads to almost anywhere.

We will also supply these loose just to help with those grass verges on location.

Lakes Location support has an extensive range of heavy, medium and light-duty ground care solutions to cater for all weather and location needs.


We have various sizes of both clean and dirty water bowsers which can be dry hired or can include refilling and gullysucking where needed.

All our bowsers come with pumps.

Our water bowsers can be delivered to remote areas including off-road locations where the terrain isn’t flat or easily accessible.


We have diesel bowsers you can either hire from us or we can offer a refuelling service.

All our bowsers come with pumps.

Manufactured to the highest standards and capable of withstanding harsh environments, our towable fuel bowsers are ideal for road and shoot location use and are built to last.


We have various silent running generators that are suitable for on location shoots throughout the lakes and beyond.

Our generators provide a power source that is safe, reliable and cost-efficient.


These crowd barriers are ideal for reserving parking or keeping the sightseers back or simply keeping the cast off the grass.

It’s ideal if working near public footpaths or to keep anyone away from restricted areas.